Thursday, November 20, 2014

Tides of Fate makes Amazon's Top Ten!
4:52 PM

Tides of Fate makes Amazon's Top Ten!

Four Fools Press is pleased to announce that our most recent offering, Tides of Fate, has already reached #7 on the Amazon Best Sellers List (Top 100 Free - within just a few hours of its initial release! We are super excited and invite you all to share this message and be sure to head over and download a copy of this first thrilling installment of the Erlik Saga for free right now - help us to make it to #1!!!

Congratulations to Tides of Fate's author, R. R. Hunsinger, and the entire Four Fools Team!

(WOW!!! We'd not even publicly announced it's RELEASE YET!)

And, here's the screen-shot to prove it:


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