Brannon Hall

R. Brannon Hall, or Hall as he is known to his friends, has had a deep love with literature and the arts since before even he can remember. From a young age, Hall could be found "reading" the pictures in books making the story up as he went, or on his stomach in the floor with a box of crayons and paper everywhere drawing anything that would sit still long enough to catch his eye. To this day he enjoys making up stories and coloring but has traded the golden books for a laptop and his crayons for...well, actually, he still loves crayons.

When Hall is not designing print and digital ads for some of the biggest companies in the market, he can be found roaming the outdoors enjoying nature, camping, kayaking, teaching art, painting, drawing, sculpting--mostly fondant for cakes but also clay from time to time--writing or just relaxing with his lovely bride in the "bustling" metropolis of Birmingham AL. 

Pen to paper or keystroke to keyboard, Hall likes to find the heart of a story and draw the reader into it. Whether it be building a profound love for the main character or a deep seeded hatred for a villain his thought is a story with out heart is like a body with out a soul. His keystrokes lately have led him deep into space, but he has a soft spot for Medieval fantasy as well. Limited only by his imagination, he sees the world around him as only an artist can, full of wonder and color and blank canvases waiting to be filled with pictures or words--and maybe a tad bit of insanity for good measure.


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