Friday, December 1, 2017

Four Fools Press is delighted to announce our latest product, Russian Apemen from Space is now on sale in Kindle format! If you love wild, romping, scifi fun, then this fast-paced, perfectly pulp, genre-mashup-master penned by Brannon Hollingsworth is for you! Just read the description below!

You want gonzo? Oh yea, we got it.

Ivan Pavlov’s greatest creation: genetically modified Soviet Apemen Warriors from the distant past have somehow found themselves in the present day. Their mission: defend Mother Russian or die. The only problem is their spaceship, the Null, crashes not on the Earth, but somehow, within the Earth’s hollow core. Now, deep beneath the planet’s molten mantel, marooned in a massive inland sea, they’ve upset the locals: mutated Atlantean Warriors who’ve long been subjugated and warped by the Esoteric Order of Dagon and their Deep One servitors. Now, if only they could all just get along…

But the Apemen see their twisted and wrecked Null as the last remaining fragment of their beloved Mother Russia, and they’re not about to back down.
Russian Apemen from Spaaaacceee!
6:37 AM

Russian Apemen from Spaaaacceee!