Wednesday, November 30, 2016

R. R. Hunsinger's very first compiled Erlik's Saga Volume, Courage and Steel, is now available via Kindle! As you well know, we released this as a print version a few weeks ago, but now we've gone the extra mile and made a version that is Kindle compatible as well!

With two illustrated tales by the amazing artist, Michael C. Munson, and two never-before published stories, Courage and Steel, in print or Kindle versions, this is a must for anyone who loves thrilling viking tales, supernatural shivers, or historical awesomeness!

Get it on Kindle here:
Courage and Steel, now on Kindle!
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Courage and Steel, now on Kindle!

Friday, November 11, 2016

Four Fools Press is super pleased to announce Courage and Steel, by Amazon Best-selling author R. R. Hunsinger. Courage and Steel is a brand new PRINT offering from Four Fools Press, but it also is a landmark product in that it also is our first collection and it contains our first illustrated stories! Read a little more about it here:
Here in is the Saga of Black Erlik, called the Kinslayer. Alfred the Great dreams of a united England. Charlemagne’s empire crumbles. The dark things of legend haunt the fens and deep forests, plaguing the unwary. Erlik’s fate leads him on path of terror and glory.
Weregild - Young Erlik Rowanson must earn his place among his father’s raiders. His cousin Adulwulf challenges the boy’s will and blade. Erlik’s wyrd is written in the dirt and blood.
Tides of Fate - Black Erlik, the Kinslayer returns to his home among the Orkenyjar Isles, yet nothing is as it once was. Great evil lurks in the cold gray waves and all are not who they appear to be. Fighting time and tide, Erlik knows even myths wrapped in flesh and bone can be broken and bled.
Death-Head - Black Erlik ventures below Hadrian’s Wall with Byzantine nobleman Palladius Mauricius Veratius, his sword brother from Miklagaard. Terror plagues the small village of Edenston. The warriors confront a horrific evil from Palladius’ own eastern lands.
King’s Table - Black Erlik, alone, in the shadow of Jotunheim, plays a dangerous game with the cursed undead. Valhalla or Hel’s cold realm is his fate should he win. Should he lose? There are worse things than Hel’s corpse kiss.
Aviking - Erlik takes his leave of his fey-touched bride to sail the whale-road. The Norns weave and the runes tell his fate.
Two tales, Weregild and King’s Table are illustrated by Michael Clark Munson. Cover art by Michael Clark Munson and color by R. Brannon Hall.
Courage and Steel contains all of the published Erlik's Sagas to date: Weregild, Tides of Fate, and Death Head, plus two brand new Erlik's Saga stories penned by our very own real-life Viking, R. R. Hunsinger, "Aviking" and "King's Table". Also of import and excitement, two of these tales, "Weregild" and "King's Table" are also illustrated by the amazing Michael Munson. Michael, who was originally merely a fan of Hunsinger's writing, contacted the Fools and asked if he could provide some illustrations for his beloved tales. Now, he's illustrated two of them to date: "King's Table" and "Weregild", as well as provided the inks for the cover of Courage and Steel.

Word on the street is that "MunsonX", as he is known, is also working on additional art for other Four Fools Press products! You can see more of his art at:

Courage and Steel is currently available in print via Amazon's Createspace and the Kindle version will be available soon.

Courage and Steel: Erlik Illustrated, in print and #18!
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Courage and Steel: Erlik Illustrated, in print and #18!

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Right on the heels of our 16th product, Angel's Glow, Four Fools Press is very happy to announce that yet another in the on-going series of Tenet's Tales has been released to the wilds! That's right, Amazon Best-Selling author Brannon Hollingsworth has released Cold Vengeance:
In the snowy Montana mountains, Tenet rides beside old friends to help defeat a threat that lurks amid the icy spires. Unknown to them all is that this vicious threat has an agenda of its own—one driven by rage and revenge. Further, the threat itself is far greater than either Tenet or his companions could ever imagine.
Another in the series of action-packed, supernaturally-laced stories known as Tenet’s Tales, Cold Vengeance is sure to please fans of The Dresden Files, The Sandman Slim Series, and The Secret Histories.
Brannon has done some slight shuffling with the numbering in the Tenet's Tales series, but he asks us to remind his readers that it will all make sense in the end... We're not sure what that means, but we think it means more supernatural, spine-tingling goodness for you.

Four Fools Announces our 17th Product: Cold Vengeance
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Four Fools Announces our 17th Product: Cold Vengeance

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Four Fools Press is very happy to announce our 16th product, Angel's Glow, penned by Amazon Best Selling Authors (and best pals from high-school), Davis Riddle and Brannon Hollingsworth!
Shiloh! It is the bloodiest battle the nation had ever experienced. Men from both sides had their notions of gallantry ripped away by ragged shrapnel and hot lead in the woods of Tennessee. For Corporal Alisdair Peacock, among the torn bodies was waged another battle, one to save the stricken from their wounds. Wielding a terrible bone saw and using his pocket sewing kit, the young preacher-turned-surgeon fought through the battle and the dreadful disease-filled days that followed to stave off the reaper of death.

Against him fought the creeping malevolence that plagued armies in war throughout time called disease. But this foe was not some unseen creature in the air or water, but a bizarre man lying mere feet away among the stricken. Filled with malice, the nameless stranger killed his prey with a mere touch, spreading fevers and plagues with hateful abandon. Would Peacock discover his vengeful enemy and his wicked plans before time was out? Would he discover God's true mission for him? Would he discover the truth of the Angel's Glow?
Angel's Glow has been a work long in coming, as the author team started working on it nearly ten years ago. It is also the first in a series of historical supernatural thrillers entitled the Peacock Papers. The sequel, Pox, is already well underway!

Angel's Glow is currently on sale in Kindle format, but will also be available in "dead tree version" via Createspace within a couple of weeks.
Angel's Glow comes in as the 16th Four Fools Press Product!
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Angel's Glow comes in as the 16th Four Fools Press Product!