Thursday, November 10, 2016

Four Fools Announces our 17th Product: Cold Vengeance
5:00 AM

Four Fools Announces our 17th Product: Cold Vengeance

Right on the heels of our 16th product, Angel's Glow, Four Fools Press is very happy to announce that yet another in the on-going series of Tenet's Tales has been released to the wilds! That's right, Amazon Best-Selling author Brannon Hollingsworth has released Cold Vengeance:
In the snowy Montana mountains, Tenet rides beside old friends to help defeat a threat that lurks amid the icy spires. Unknown to them all is that this vicious threat has an agenda of its own—one driven by rage and revenge. Further, the threat itself is far greater than either Tenet or his companions could ever imagine.
Another in the series of action-packed, supernaturally-laced stories known as Tenet’s Tales, Cold Vengeance is sure to please fans of The Dresden Files, The Sandman Slim Series, and The Secret Histories.
Brannon has done some slight shuffling with the numbering in the Tenet's Tales series, but he asks us to remind his readers that it will all make sense in the end... We're not sure what that means, but we think it means more supernatural, spine-tingling goodness for you.

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