Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Angel's Glow comes in as the 16th Four Fools Press Product!
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Angel's Glow comes in as the 16th Four Fools Press Product!

Four Fools Press is very happy to announce our 16th product, Angel's Glow, penned by Amazon Best Selling Authors (and best pals from high-school), Davis Riddle and Brannon Hollingsworth!
Shiloh! It is the bloodiest battle the nation had ever experienced. Men from both sides had their notions of gallantry ripped away by ragged shrapnel and hot lead in the woods of Tennessee. For Corporal Alisdair Peacock, among the torn bodies was waged another battle, one to save the stricken from their wounds. Wielding a terrible bone saw and using his pocket sewing kit, the young preacher-turned-surgeon fought through the battle and the dreadful disease-filled days that followed to stave off the reaper of death.

Against him fought the creeping malevolence that plagued armies in war throughout time called disease. But this foe was not some unseen creature in the air or water, but a bizarre man lying mere feet away among the stricken. Filled with malice, the nameless stranger killed his prey with a mere touch, spreading fevers and plagues with hateful abandon. Would Peacock discover his vengeful enemy and his wicked plans before time was out? Would he discover God's true mission for him? Would he discover the truth of the Angel's Glow?
Angel's Glow has been a work long in coming, as the author team started working on it nearly ten years ago. It is also the first in a series of historical supernatural thrillers entitled the Peacock Papers. The sequel, Pox, is already well underway!

Angel's Glow is currently on sale in Kindle format, but will also be available in "dead tree version" via Createspace within a couple of weeks.


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