John Langley

Filled with a pervasive curiosity and passion for the unknown, I'm guided by a love of knowledge and experience in everything I set my hand to. On any given day you're just as likely to find me exploring the hills and waterfalls of the Sipsey Wilderness as you are to find me tucked away in a chair reading the day away. A web designer by trade, I'm currently on hiatus and spend the majority of my time studying history or philosophy in preparation to continued my college education.

However, my education is not confined to a class and has been ongoing during my three year travels through the South Eastern states and pursuits of crafts and skills that include such diverse interests as diving, coding, and metal casting. Now I find myself surrounded by similar men filled with knowledge and a passion for a the written word. Tempered by their experience, I seek to add my stories to theirs as one of the Fools!


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