Sunday, November 23, 2014

Writing Warm-up's - which ones?
2:17 PM

Writing Warm-up's - which ones?

We love, love, love writing the Writing Warm-up's for you folks, but we have to be honest - the hardest part is not in the writing, but actually, in the selecting of the images. We like to base each of the Warm-up's on a piece of art and as you might imagine, our hard drives quickly become filled with awesome images that are just screaming to have a story written for each of them.

So, we thought, why not ask the Jesters for help? And here we are! So, check out the images below and post which are your top five in the comments below. We'll tally the top pics and use them over the next few weeks!

Think of it like those radio stations where you control what's played...YOU have the power to decide what stories we write next! Enjoy!
Image #1, White Vampire

Image #2, Creepy Bird Girl

Image #3, Redcap Fight

Image #4, Musket Moustash Man

Image #5, Midnight Battle

Image #6, The Moment

Image #7, Babythulu

Image #8, Ruin Wizard

That's not all of the images - not by a long shot - but that's enough for now. Let us know which ones you want to see first. Post in the comments below!