Saturday, January 17, 2015

1-17-15 Writing Warm-up
7:20 AM

1-17-15 Writing Warm-up

1-17-15 Writing Warm-up
Artwork © Rob Joseph, All Rights Reserved -
Story and Characters © Corey Blankenship, All Rights Reserved 
Brought to you by Four Fools Press: “Crazy Good Stories”

Seas lap with mournful kindness,
Draped about as a silvery necklace
Around the Land of the Loving Countess.

The scent of sage, the runes of mages
Forbodes ill for the unraveling ages,
I glimpse a book rent of its pages.

Sweetly come Her words afar off calling:
Return to the beginning ere the Ending,
So that in rest you will find rejoicing.

Scree jostled the fifteen feet down to the grassy hillock. A swath of green marsh and shimmering rivers danced in a coruscation of silver and emerald. Opposite of the two travelers’ perch lay a grand monolith. Little resided around the forlorn jut of fractured stone. Birds surveyed the broken crown of stone from high above, their cries lost to the ears of the wingless far below.

“Oh no...”

The surprise and sadness stung Cèrson’s heart.

“I’m sorry, Geneviève. How could I know…”

“Know? Know?! That everything would...that She would....oh, Cèrsi. Why did all of this have to happen to us here? Now? After we’ve come so far.”

Geneviève’s shoulders shook with anguish as her eyes poured out hot rivulets.

“The price for the portal key back into the Ethereal cost us everything. Everything...for nothing. We’re too late.”

“Gen, I do not think our venture to Her domain was for nothing. We are the first to see this world. To see Her. Perhaps this is what She wanted…”

Wanted? How can you speak of my Mother like that! She’s gone! Gone. What is a world for the One who created you?”

The seasoned warrior placed a firm hand on his beloved’s shoulder. He knew the pain that spurred her rage.

“I think She knew what was coming, Gen. I may not be Her avatar, but I can see the wisdom of calling Her only daughter back to a safe place--a place She had prepared. I think...I think She knew the Closing would destroy Her.”

The beautiful shield-maiden turned and clasped her hands around his scarred face. Her eyes as piercing as midwinter scrutinized his soul.

“How can you believe such things? I am of Her, and I did not know. Did not see. Did not sense...How is it the outlander She hated perceives intent that Her daughter did not foresee?”

“Because we both love you.”

Cèrson took her hands and kissed them before placing them on his chest and drawing her close. The smell of lavender and evening always permeated her presence. He breathed deeply and let his adoration for this demi-goddess to wash over his rugged heart, even as he sought to stretch forth his own fierce and protective aura.

The Lady let his strength support her as her sorrow streamed down his heavy plate-mail. Long had been her mission as her Mother’s emissary to the realms. Longer since she had left this pocket dimension hidden amid the multiverse to adventure. This blunt soldier had stood by her and had even slain his own father, a titan, to protect her. Now, at the closing of all things, he joined her in fulfilling her Mother’s vision.

Return to the beginning ere the Ending, so that in rest you will find rejoicing.

“Cèrsi, why must all good things end?”

“Only to bring forth another, better beginning, dearest.”

She raised her eyes once more to study his brown eyes.

“We cannot leave. The Doors have sealed.”

“I know this in my heart as well,” Cèrson replied.

“Then, Mother has given us a gift,” she whispered.

“Yes, love.”

The warrior woman stepped back, taking her husband’s hand in her own.

“Let us go see what Mother may have hidden for us within this world...our world. Our home.”


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