Thursday, February 12, 2015

2-12-15 Writing Warm-up
6:45 AM

2-12-15 Writing Warm-up

2-12-15 Writing Warm-up
Artwork © Edouard Noisette, All Rights Reserved -
Story and Characters © Corey Blankenship, All Rights Reserved 
Brought to you by Four Fools Press: “Crazy Good Stories”

The door swung open with a soft jingle. It never swept shut, allowing in the steady cadence of heaven’s snares. The man in the booth knew the hour had come, and did not crane his neck to see who had entered. She never missed an appointment, though he might have hoped she had for once. The brunette beauty slipped into the chair across from him. He took in her elegant demeanor, sable satin dress, ermine wrap, and silk gloves with a glance. He puffed steadily at his cigarette while she looked over his long face and well-heeled business attire. Her sultry lips parted and released a heart-piercing croon.

“Hello, James.”

“Hello, Jacqueline,” came the gruff reply.

She unveiled a gorgeous smile. “I’m glad to see the trip across the Pond went well.”

“Well enough. Not that your toughs didn’t make that an adventure.”

“Oh, don’t play upset, James. You love a good row.”

He leaned back and looked deeply into her chestnut irises. Her husky voice stroked at his heart strings. He caught the scent of mandrake and lilac, her signature perfume. Her eyes smiled coyly. Jacqueline knew how to make an entrance.

Well, two could play at that game.

He slid a crystal glass across the cheap linoleum table. A cinnabar liquid lapped gently at smoked etchings. She looked down and a furrow shadowed her delicate brow. Soft lines surfaced around her alluring eyes.

“Few would dare drink that in front of me.”

The dapper man sipped from the drink. “Isn’t it appropriate when dining with Bloody Mary?”

“Don’t call me that.” The lady looked out of the rain-smeared window, her brown locks bouncing gently on her shoulders.

“Very well. What have you got for me?”

“A present and a warning, dearest.”

“Two-edged as ever, doll.”

A faint smile crept back to her lips.

“You’ll love them both, I’m sure.”

“We’ll see.”

Jacqueline placed her leather purse upon the table. She untied the latch and peeled the panels back. She produced three items: A diamond, a dagger, and a parchment. She placed them in front of the Briton’s heavy-knuckled hands. He carefully studied the first two objects before quickly slicing open the sealed paper. He scanned the note while nursing his drink.

The gentleman produced his engraved lighter, lit the paper, and then struck up another cigarette. He offered her one, which she accepted. She tilted her slender neck, allowing her guest to light her smoke. The gesture also accented her suggestive neckline. The parchment curled and vanished into a charcoal pile as the two silently shared a smoke.

“I imagine you’ll be laying low while I’m about on business.”

She puffed leisurely. “Oh, and miss out on the fun, James?”

“It’d make my job easier knowing I won’t have to watch my back.”

“Which is why I’ll be around.”

She glided out of her seat. Her gloved hand slipped over his chiseled chin. Jacqueline rubbed his stubbled cheek thoughtfully. The look in his slate blue eyes communicated volumes she alone could read.

“Shall I see you at your usual loft?”

“Yes, dear.”

“Good.” She sauntered toward the open door, her hip gracing his shoulder as she passed.

“Oh, James.” Jacqueline called as she lingered in the door’s light. “Do try not to ruin the diner with my boys. I do like eating here on occasion.” 

Her lithe shadow vanished, and the light from the doorway disappeared entirely. No chime meant something besides the door had crossed the threshold. A few heavy coughs dispelled the mystery.

Bloody Mary, he cursed silently. His wife always liked to play rough.


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