Saturday, February 14, 2015

2-14-15 Writing Warm-up
6:14 AM

2-14-15 Writing Warm-up

2-14-15 Writing Warm-up
Artwork © Sean Gregory, All Rights Reserved -
Story and Characters © Corey Blankenship, All Rights Reserved 
Brought to you by Four Fools Press: “Crazy Good Stories”

The screen swept clear on a gentle breeze.
Sapphire jewels burned peacefully in the sky,
I ran a hand through golden sheaves,
My lady would soon be drawing nigh.

Over ridge most rugged and ruined by time,
I rushed upon my silver horse to see,
Where stood my gallant lord in tender clime,
M’lord most surely stands waiting for me.

The hills bow low and dales give courtesy
All richly hemmed beneath heaven diademed
I look afar for greater star, full of expectancy,
For work is done and house is trimmed.

Many mile passes by on to another road,
The lanes rutted by many wayfaring carts
Borne down by a hundred heavy loads,
I race on toward the lover of my heart.

Clear the heavens be, above my open eyes,
Brightly shines the fields of unending gold
Where I wait to claim my dearest prize,
Oh, my lady I long to soon have and hold!

I come to you, beloved lord, come to you soon,
I wait for you, dearest darling, I wait in full moon,
I am here below silver starling, my glorious groom.
I am here, true to word, I am here, sweetest bloom.

Answer me this, my brothers, is she not the best?
Answer me this, my sisters, is he not most dear?
Surely, I can say with honest praise I’m blessed,
For under this sacred night my lady draws near.


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