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Foolish Friday - 02-27-15
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Foolish Friday - 02-27-15

Artwork © Elier, All Rights Reserved -
Story and Characters © Brannon Hall, All Rights Reserved 
Brought to you by Four Fools Press: “Crazy Good Stories”

An excerpt from The Guestbook...

A few minutes went by as Dirk and Harrold discussed the odd picture on the wall. Tom was in a full out argument—it seemed with the boar’s head. Leroy had managed to still not have a fire going though Harrold could have sworn he had seen it flickering a bit earlier. Ron was cooking in his modern day chlorine-ladened cauldron on the back deck and he was guessing Brett was running back to England.  “All right gents”, Harrold said aloud as he quaffed his beer and dropped the empty vessel on the table top. “I’m headed back into Friday to brush my teeth and crash. Some of us drove half the night and are dead tired."

Harrold pressed the last dose of tooth paste out of the travel sized tube on to his tooth brush and started brushing his pearly whites. He grinned at his reflection in the mirror above the sink as he scrubbed the front set and worked his way to the back. He tipped his head towards the sink and spit the frothy waste product of clean teeth into the bowl. As he stood, mouth cleared, he noticed that the reflection in the mirror had continued brushing. It was still foaming at the mouth like a wild dog. Harrold scowled and took a half step back from the still brushing reflection. The image never looked at him. It just kept on brushing with a mad look in its eyes. Harrold felt ice run through his veins.

BLAM BLAM, BLAM BLAM BLAM!! Gun shots from the front room jarred him from his contemplation. He dropped the tooth brush and rushed into the small hallway. The image in the mirror grinned as it watched him leave, froth running down its leering jowls.

The carnage that greeted him in the cabin’s main room rocked him to his heels. It was like time itself had shifted on its end, throwing Harrold into his own personal hell.


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