Thursday, March 26, 2015

3-26-15 Call for Reviewers!
5:45 PM

3-26-15 Call for Reviewers!

We're looking for a few good!

Four Fools Press is putting out an all-call for reviewers. If you like the sorts of odd, kooky, off-the-wall, every-release-is-just-a-little-bit-different-from-the-last way we do things around here, then we need your help! That's right! We want you to review our books!

What Do You Get?
Free Books! (Generally, at least one per month.)

What Do We Get?
Honest Reviews! (Posted as soon as you can.)

How Do You Get Started?
Reply to this post and give us a way to contact you.

That's it.

Just the way we like it...
While you're here be sure and pick up a copy of one of our latest Four Fools Releases, The Truth Is Out There - already an Amazon Bestseller! Get your copy today!


  1. Hi, I'm in 6th semester of English Language and Literature Department. I'm very interested to review your books. Please contact me via Gmail:

    I'm looking forward to it!

    D. Lacerta