Thursday, March 5, 2015

3-5-15 Thursday Threads
12:13 PM

3-5-15 Thursday Threads

Thursday Threads

Brought to you by Four Fools Press: “Crazy Good Stories”

Thursday Threads is a fun little idea that we're going to try out here at Four Fools Press. The idea is simple, we give you the threads: an image, an inspirational tune, a writing prompt, and a list of words. You have to weave the threads together to form a word tapestry. When you're done, if you like, post your story as a response to our Google + thread: and we'll pick the best of the batch and name a winner. (You must use all of the elements in some manner to be considered to win).

The winner gets featured on our website and you win a free Four Fools Press Product!

Think of it like Iron Chef, but for writers! We hope you have a blast and we're looking forward to getting those responses!

Here are your threads for Thursday, March 3rd, 2015:

Writing Prompt (must use in some manner):

"He fell into a hole."

Image (must incorporate in some manner):

Artwork © David Franco Campus, All Rights Reserved -


Vocab (must incorporate all three):


Tune (use as inspiration, but bonus points for incorporation):

Man of Steel - An Idea of Hope

Good luck! We look forward to seeing you submissions! Get those creative juices flowing and those pencils moving! :D

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