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3-7-15 Saturday Successes
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3-7-15 Saturday Successes

  Saturday Successes

Brought to you by Four Fools Press: “Crazy Good Stories”

We are so happy to announce the winner of our first Thursday Threads Contest: Colin Boggs! Check out Colin's awesome entry below!

I fell into a hole. This is the last thing I remembers before waking up here, in this hell. It was a normal day, I was walking to my dorm after my physics lecture when, all of a sudden, the ground opened wide and swallowed me whole.

Now I was here, a place so hot the rock walls glowed shades of red and orange, and I could feel the magma flowing beneath me. All I had on me was my phone, which had somehow survived the fall but would do no good here, my wallet, don't think I'll be paying my way out, and my brolly, as it had been raining that morning. As I observed my surroundings further, I found that I was in a tunnel, a long but straight tunnel that went farther than I could see. So, I decided that if I wanted to ever see the surface again, I would have to start moving.

As I moved through the tunnel I noticed eyesome murals of battles and of brave rulers carved into the walls. The people in the carvings had strange features, vaguely human but with more of a robotic complexion. Their symbol was the head of a snake and they wielded medieval weaponry, swords and shields and pikes and lances, but there were no carvings of peace time, only war and death. "What kind of civilization brought me here?" I thought, "And how am I going to convince them to let me go?"

It wasn't long before I found evidence of the last person they brought here. Their skeleton lied against the wall of the tunnel with a dagger, with about a six inch blade lying beside what would have been their leg. "I'll trade you," I said as I laid my brolly down beside the skeleton, and took the dagger. As I inspected the dagger I noticed that an emblem was engraved into the pommel. It looked like the head of a lion, but I couldn't be sure, as it had been worn from use.

For hours and hours I walked with no more hints of life clinging to the small hope that this tunnel ever ended. I was about to quit, just give up, lay down and wait for death come for me, when I saw it. A door, massive and golden, was only about two or three hundred yards away.

I ran, I ran for life, I ran with everything I had left in me, I ran thinking of home, thinking of my family and my friends, and I started to weep as I ran. As I finally approached the door I could see the intricate detail that was blurred by distance. Engraved into the door was a giant snake, the symbol that had filled the halls of this tunnel for miles. "Well, time to find out who trapped me down here," I thought, seeing as the only way I could go was through that door. So, I walked up to the door and, not seeing a handle, I knocked, practically punching the door to get any sound out of it. I waited for a few minutes and, receiving no response, decided to try again. I stepped up, and as soon as I raised my hand to strike the door, I heard a massive cracking sound, and a massive gust of air threw me back. As I regained my feet I looked up and saw that the door was opening. When the door had opened all the way, my heart dropped. 

Out of the darkness behind the door steeped a massive robotic being that looked similar to the people in the murals. It was well over seven feet tall, and extremely strong. It was hiding a giant longsword, with a snake engraved down one side of the blade. Its armor was probably supposed to be all black, but the heat from the magma made it glow a dark red. Then it spoke, "You are here without permission of the council of the snake," it said in a voice that made the walls shake, "Either state your business here or prepare to die."


Not only is Colin featured on our website but he also wins a free Four Fools Press Product!

Congrats to Colin for his awesome entry and all of you need to be ready for next week's Thursday Threads Contest!

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