Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Short of the Week: 1st Week of September, 2015
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Short of the Week: 1st Week of September, 2015

Four Fools Press author Brannon Hollingsworth has taken on an unusual challenge - he wants to attempt to write one short story a week for an entire year. The only problem is - he needs YOUR help to do it! He's come up with an unusual (and we think a bit unique) way of attempting this and he's calling it the Short of the Week! Here are the Rules:

1. I post three evocative images in a Google+ poll.
2. YOU vote for your favorite image.
3. YOU suggest character ideas/names, genres, titles, plot lines, etc.
4. The most votes WINS.
5. I write a short based on the image.
6. Everyone who VOTES/SHARES/PARTICIPATES gets a free copy.
7. The new short is added as a Four Fools Product.

The Short of the Week has already begun! Brannon says that he's almost done with the first Short and it should come out this week (he's waiting on the cover now). Further, he's already posted the Google+ Poll for the 1st week of September, 2015 - you can find it here:
If you cannot see the whole image within the Poll, simply click this link: or you can look at the top of this page...
Once you VOTE, be sure and SHARE the post and then JOIN THE CONVERSATION!


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