Wednesday, August 19, 2015

The Orbis Observer - Ape Men Edition!
6:00 PM

The Orbis Observer - Ape Men Edition!

Neat! Look what just happened across our desks here at Four Fools Press today - an issue of the yellow rag called The Orbis Observer; you know, that well-known and well-loved tabloid sought out by cryptozologists, UFO aficionados, and conspiracy theorists the world over! Looks like this issue is pretty focused as well, not the 'rags usual gun-shot approach to "journalism". Something must be up--

Oh, I see...the lead story there is what is driving things apparently. Poor Matt Olsen, he's a good guy-well, somewhat of a good guy, anyway. Erm...well, he's decent-enough, I guess. Looks like he's gone missing - in the jungles of Malaysia, no less. That's just terrible. I wonder what will happen to him. I sure hope he's makes it home safe and sound. I bet if (when?) he does, he'll have a heck of a story to tell...


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