Monday, September 14, 2015

Rivet Revision
5:21 PM

Rivet Revision

Sometimes as a writer I get consumed in the details that I forget to answer a major question. Or, as a mentor likes to say, “All ideas are good until the first hard question gets asked.” Thankfully, we at Four Fools have plenty of kind hearted people who are willing to pull out a red pen or a private email to ask us hard questions. In regards to Rivet, I had one of our friends send me some insightful queries which the updated epilogue will hopefully answer.

Often the issue at hand is the delicate balance between exposure and temptation. We want to draw our audiences into our stories without fully revealing everything in one go. However, in the artful process of show-and-don’t-tell, we as the authors can forget what an outsider actually perceives. Within the halls of Four Fools, we felt that Rivet had plenty of revealing allusions and statements that would register with our slowly appearing world. In this case, we were wrong, and so we had to reassess what needed to be added to provide worthwhile content so that we can continue offering our reader’s crazy, good stories.

We hope that the additions will broaden your horizons, tickle your fancy, and keep you begging for more. If not, simply drop us a line and we will do our best to improve our works to satisfy a very important person in our storytelling process--you!


Ima's Note. Please note that the above post was from Rivet's author, Corey Blankenship. The changes to Rivet are now live and, depending on what sort of Kindle you own, if you already own a copy you can get the changes by following these instructions. If you don't have a copy, head over and get one now - we've added nearly 1,000 new words and the price has not changed!

We are working with Amazon now to have the changes pushed to everyone's devices.


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