Tuesday, October 31, 2017

To Live and Die in Dixie - on Kindle!
7:49 AM

To Live and Die in Dixie - on Kindle!


Four Fools Press is excited to announce our latest publication, just in time for Halloween: To Live and Die in Dixie! This massive collection of spooky Southern tales by authors Davis E. Riddle and Brannon Hollingsworth are sure to send chills down anyone's spine and become a part of your annual All Hallow's Eve tradition. Pick up your copy on Kindle today, print version coming soon!

Eerie moonlight reflects palely off the bare dirt of a lonely sunken road beckoning to a terrified traveler, a soldier makes a pact with untold evil, a spirit of vengeance stalks a hapless traveler, a disturbed, disease-ridden man lies among those fallen in grim battle, half in this world, half in one of darkness, a desperate man takes refuge in a lonely house.  Herein lie six tales of the storied South: paths through wood and fen, in times long ago or yesterday, where terror issues through quieted halls, the din of terrible battle, or from things that do not go bump in the night. Denizens through this land of twilight will discover what it means to live and die...in Dixie.


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