Writing Warm-Up's?

So what, exactly, is a writing warm-up? Basically, it's a writing discipline wherein you "stretch your writing muscles". Just like in physical exercise, before you really jump into the hard stuff, you need to warm up your body, limber up your joints and get the blood flowing to your muscles. A writing warm-up works in much the same way - it gets your brain in gear, your fingers limbered up, and your creative juices flowing.

Sometimes a writing warm-up can even lead to an idea for a whole new story, a new character, or an entirely new world. Sometimes, it can be an exploration to a new style - something that is challenging to you, or something that you've never done before. Other times, a writing warm-up can be as comfortable and inviting as your favorite sweater on a chilly day. They can be an exploration based on a image, or simply running down a mental rabbit hole.

Whatever they are and whatever form they take, they should always be:
  • Fun
  • Quick
  • Preparation for the actual writing
We at Four Fools encourage you to try them out, and join us as we do ours!