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11-25-14 Writing Warm-up
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11-25-14 Writing Warm-up

11-25-14 Writing Warm-up
Artwork © Jonas Åkerlund, All Rights Reserved - http://gerezon.deviantart.com/
Story and Characters © Brannon Hollingsworth, All Rights Reserved
Brought to you by Four Fools Press: “Crazy Good Stories”

"I'm telling you, Doctor. I don't know what is wrong with her." Nurse Sheffield looked a little worn around the edges; very likely she'd been pulling some extra hours. She needed all the money she could get now that her husband had up and left. He'd done it in the heart of winter, if you could believe that, without even so much as a by your leave.

Dr. Cox rubbed her temples, the corner of her left eye beginning to twitch ever so slightly. She didn't really have time for this. It didn't matter though. She had problems her own aplenty, but that'd never stopped her before. "How was she when she came in?"

Nurse Sheffield cut a red-lined, bleary set of eyes down the corridor, towards what used to be the Pediatrics Wing but had recently been remodeled as an Out-Patient Area. "S..she was fine. No worse off than usual, I guess."

"Well, tell me why was she down there in the first place?" Dr. Cox snipped a bit. She hated being catty, honestly she did; but sometimes it was as if Patty Sheffield just outright went looking for trouble.

The younger blonde nurse caught the tone, but she seemed more willing to simply bypass the entire conversation altogether, as opposed to getting into a row with her boss. "I very clearly told her not to, Dr. Cox. I cannot say why she did what she did, but something must be done. She's frightening the patients."

There was something about Patty's subdued and passive tone that set Dr. Cox's teeth on edge and made her scalp crawl just a little bit. She'd never known Nurse Sheffield to back down from a confrontation...

Patty was still talking, "...ink I should be allowed to continue to my rounds now, if that is permissible, Doctor?"

Dr. Cox raked her fingers through her shoulder-length, thin brown hair--she realized that she'd forgotten to use conditioner that morning--and nodded. "Sure, Patty. Sure. Sorry, I did not mean to come down hard on you."

Nurse Sheffield had turned on a heel at "Suu" and started walking away.

Dr. Kimberly Cox sighed and stepped into Exam Room #1. Lord knew she did NOT get paid enough to deal with stuff like this...

Inside was a small girl in teal hospital scrubs and bare feet. An over-sized, teddy-bear colored sweat shirt was slopped over her teal scrub top and covered her head, bared by chemo. Dr. Cox knew that the sweat had once read "UAB" and had been given to the little girl by an older sister. An IV stand stood silent vigil beside her, it's tubes still clasping onto her small, wracked body in several places like a mother refusing to cut the final ties to her child. She had the biggest, bluest eyes of any child Dr. Cox had ever seen in her twenty-four years of practice, not to mention her entire life. She was absolutely beautiful.

The doctor smiled with her eyes, but it didn't reach her lips. "Molly, why do I have to keep telling you not to go into the Pediatrics Wing? You know you're not allowed in there anymore."

"But why, Doctor Kim? It's where I belong..." The lights in the exam room twinged a bit, flickering. The girl's small still face fell inward at the perception of the doctor's displeased tone. She faded a little bit - part of her head and body simply vanishing into nothingness...

...as ghosts are sometimes wont to do.


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