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04-06-15 Monday Muse
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04-06-15 Monday Muse

If you're anything like we are here at Four FOols Press, awesome art inspires you. It certainly does us - most of the stuff that you read here didn't exist until we clapped eyes onto a stunning piece of art, in fact. As such, we're always on the lookout for great art and every once and a while, we run across an artist who is, simply put, ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. We're talking those artists that seem to have magic pens and pencils: every time they put paint on a canvas, or graphite, on paper, or electrons on a screen - it is just mind blowing.

We'd like to feature one such artist today: the simply stunning Swede, Max Grecke - - just check out some of these incredible pieces below!

Just this simple Hellboy redesign gets our brain to buzzing. What's the story behind this alternate Hellboy? Is he good, or evil? What does he think about his bigger, bulkier brother? Does this fellow above have the other Hand of Doom? Or does he want the one HB has? The ideas are unending!

Oh my! Being an old-school gamer, the ideas for this fellow are like an unending fountain of PC-pain! Is this orcish brute simply a warrior with a grudge, or is he something more? There is intelligence behind those eyes and a look of unfulfilled vengeance in that mouth, if you ask me!

What does your muse say about this unusual couple of blokes? Who is the ghostly boy behind the bearded brute? Are they related? Does the burly barbarian even know that he's being stalked by the specter of a boy cut down before his prime? Or perhaps they are the same person - separated by an alternate time line and shattered dimensional barrier...

Again, the possibilities are nearly limitless! Who is this unusual character? What is the story of his left and why does he wear a mask? What does he hold in his hands and why does he ask us to receive something from him? What is in his hands and what will happen to us when we take one or the other -- or both?

Be sure and check out Max Grecke's DA page for even more awesome art - we've only scratched the surface here!

We hope you get some inspiration from this #MondayMuse post! Happy writing!

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