Thursday, April 2, 2015

4-2-15 Thursday Tease
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4-2-15 Thursday Tease

We often give you whole-cloth stories or tantalizing tidbits; on Thursdays we usually challenge you with Thursday Threads. However, we're going to scale back and offer you some visual teasers and short story seeds to help get those creative juices going. Look, read, write, draw, plot...go wherever the creativity spike takes you!

Here are some of Corey Blankenship's favorite inspirational artists (He may even turn some of these into more "Crazy Good Stories" later on. Ya never know ;)

"The Wizard and the Hare" © Christopher Balaskas
Magic is just a sleight-of-hand in most people's imagination--Trapped like rabbits in their cubicle-mindsets, they miss out on the thrill that comes when you step through the rabbit hole and into the Mystery. That's how I got my start, ol' Wesley the Warlock and his harrowing Hare...

"Epiphany" © Christopher Balaskas
The label on the box read "EXPLOSIVE RUNES: So Good They Will BLOW Your Mind!" I should have regarded that as a warning, not a trite marketing ploy. My teeth bit down on the first non-euclidean, sugary morsel, only to be kicked violently through my skull--amazingly that's when I truly began to see...

 "Umbrella" © Tu Bu
Rain hammered the flagstone pavement as the boot struck the oak haft. The hatted defendant reversed his grip, scooping the leg midair and throwing the assailant into the miry drain. Covered in sludge, the fighter leaped onto his feet and charged his mark once more...

  "Saloon" © Biwer Vincent
"CHEAT! Your kind always was a cow-thievin', wife-spoilin', son-of-a--" "Enough! No bigotry or blaspheming in my bar! I barely tolerate gambling. Take your grievances elsewhere!" The Nordic cattle hand glared at the innkeeper and then at the topknot-bearing drifter, "So be it. If you're more man than machine, I better see your sorry cyborg hide in the streets at high noon..."


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