Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Find the FOol for April FOOLS Day!
6:41 AM

Find the FOol for April FOOLS Day!

Is your news feed spinning with salacious tales?
Two tons of gold bars to the first to photograph the local leprechaun!
Google will give you its super-secret Optimal Driving Routes if you take a Google Selfie!
Spock will call you from the future if you travel to the North Pole duty station!

Wouldn't you rather have a real treat from the fools you love?

Well, we thought so! We at Four Fools Press decided to hash up a game to celebrate this jesterly day--one with a REAL prize (no fibs or follies--We promise it is not fool's gold). Here's the tune we're playing at:

We've hidden our face-palming friend above somewhere on the site. If you find him, snap a photo and post him to your social media, along with the hour the original post that he slipped his way into popped up on our site (so we know you didn't copy and paste our pretty friend. Fair play an' all ;). Don't post the date! Otherwise, you'll spoil the fun for your fellow fools. Be sure to tag Four Fools (appropriate links below!), so we can get you your prize...and you'll win a free ebook from yours truly!

Some Foolish fun where you win free gifts?! Sounds too good to be true, but it isn't! We simply want to put some light-hearted revelry into a usually frustrating day of tricks and disappointments. What's the wait? Head on yer merry way and enjoy a truly Foolish April Fools Day!

Oh yeah, this post doesn't count...nice try, though! ;)

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