Monday, August 31, 2015

Short of the Week: 2nd Week of September, 2015
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Short of the Week: 2nd Week of September, 2015

Four Fools Press's Short of the Week #2 is happening! Brannon said he's feeling a little "Gamma Worldy" this week, so he selected three pieces of inspirational art and given YOU, the fans, the power to select from one of the three choices and he'll write about them. When he's done, YOU get the short story for FREE (if you vote, share, like, or participate in the conversation)!

Here's the Poll for the 2nd week of September, 2015.

If you need a closer look at the image, click this link:

As always, here are the Rules from Brannon:1. I post three evocative images in a Google+ poll.
2. YOU vote for your favorite image.
3. YOU suggest character ideas/names, genres, titles, plot lines, etc.
4. The most votes WINS.
5. I write a short based on the image.
6. Everyone who VOTES/SHARES/PARTICIPATES gets a free copy.
7. The new short is added as a Four Fools Product.



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