Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Why I LOVE being an Art Director
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Why I LOVE being an Art Director

Ya liked that pic, huh? Well, you should see the rest of it! That's actually one of the reasons why I thoroughly enjoy being an Art Director for Four Fools Press. I actually volunteered for the position, believe it or not. That's right...AND it wasn't the private yacht, or the fourteen months of paid vacation that I get every year that made me make the tough call.

It was the fact that I get to be the SECOND person in the world to see awesome images like that pic up there for the very first time. The FIRST person is obviously, the artist, in the case, the awesome-as-can-be artistic genius by the name of Mike Munson. Regardless if you're the second, third, or fiftieth person who gets to see this that kinda awesomeness, however, if you ask me -- that's the sort of stuff that makes me want to get out of bed in the morning.

What can I say? There's just something about seeing words transformed into images that just cranks my tractor.

Another of the things that I love, love, love about being an Art Director is when you find an artist who is fun to work with, someone who does not take themselves or their craft TOO seriously, but just seriously enough. Mike is definitely one of those guys. Right now, we're working on several projects for a whole series of books for Year Two of Four Fools Press and we're really pulling out the stops.

The awesome demon piece at the top of the page, as well as the ones below are all for an Illustrated version of a new series from Amazon Best-selling Author (yes he makes me write that, and he's bigger than me, so....) R. R. Hunsinger.

I cannot say more about it just yet, but suffice it to say its about monsters, and demons, and creatures of the night -- and the things that hunt them. One of the things that hunts them is a guy named Eric Reese and Mike was busy doing his thing, pounding out some sketches and character concepts for Eric so we could figure out what he looked like. Things were really starting out pretty good.

But then, we run into this one scene and we were having a very tough time trying to sort out this one particular pose wherein Eric is trying to summon something nasty from Beyond....


While it was good, it just was not doing it for me, or for the esteemed Mr. Hunsinger. Try as hard as we might, we just could not get it right.

Then, Mike drops this into my Inbox:

And that, boys and girls, is a visual depiction of why I LOVE being an Art Director!

There endth the lesson.

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