Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Cover Reveal: Hive Mind (Our Next Short of the Week)
10:04 AM

Cover Reveal: Hive Mind (Our Next Short of the Week)

Want to know what's coming down the pipe next in terms of the Short of the Week? Here's a little preview! Oh, and check out the basis for the story, below:

The year: 2018. From out of space comes a runaway meteor, slamming into the Earth, unleashing cosmic destruction! Hundreds of thousands of fiery meteorites rain down through the planet’s shattered skies, each one its own megaton bomb of radioactive and mutagenic hell. Earth is reborn: a dark reflection of its former glory: now filled with war, savagery, madness, disease, and bizarre new energies and creatures. The very fabric of reality and life itself is twisted and warped by the presence of this extraterrestrial substance, which is the new Major Power on Earth: Freekrok!

I think some of you are really going to enjoy this one! 


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