Sunday, September 27, 2015

Dark Roots becomes our 15th Four Fools Product
10:54 AM

Dark Roots becomes our 15th Four Fools Product

Four Fools Press is very pleased to announce the publication of Dark Roots, Volume 1 in The Reese Legacy, a series that is near and dear to author, R.R. Hunsinger's heart. Here's the scoop on this exciting new series:
For centuries, members of the Reese family, using faith, magic, and steel, have railed against the gate of Hell and all the evils that surpass human understanding. Each generation chronicles its secrets, trials, defeats, and victories for the next. For mankind, history is a battle between good and evil. For a Reese, it is their legacy.

Welcome to Dark Roots, three branches of horror and heroics from the Reese Family Tree:

The Hunters - England 1611. James Joshua Reese returns from the last of the Crusades only to begin another as he seeks the end of a demon’s twenty year killing spree.

The Fox and Hound - Carolinas 1777. While running powder for Washington’s beleaguered army, Elias Kirby, a sorcerous privateer, runs afoul of another, more powerful magic-user, a vicious Lieutenant in the pay of King George.

The Snare of the Hunted - Massachusetts 1925. Eric Reese, an adventurer and mercenary, has his evening’s rest destroyed by the terror an old friend brings to his door.
One volume, three awesome tales, each with some amazing illustrations to boot! So, if some supernatural, historical-fiction awesomeness is what you've been craving, then you need to pick up Dark Roots today!


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